Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Baking Fever is Upon Me!

I am ready for SPRING!
The south western slopes of central Missouri have sprouted daffodils. Last week some of daffodils even had yellow buds showing. Unfortunately, the two winter storms we have had also coated them with ice and snow. BUT I am still in the early stages of spring baking fever, all it took was that glimpse of yellow buds. St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and this year Easter is March 31st. I've been thinking about decorating cookies for the two holidays.

 Shamrocks are easy to make with a small heart cookie cutter. Take three small hearts and arrange them as shown below or you can slightly overlap the hearts. Cut a stem from the dough and add it to the hearts. Instant shamrocks! One year I made three 9" heart cakes and arranged them in this way. The stem was a Twinkie that was frosted in green icing with a star tip like the cakes.

Easter will be celebrated with a lamb cake and Easter Egg sugar cookies. Flow icing is a technique that I have been practicing with since last November. I tried it on some Christmas tree cookies with butter cream frosting and it worked pretty well. Last month I found a tutorial, on YouTube, for outlining and filling in cookies with royal icing.  I experimented with making and using royal icing on the Valentine cookies and was really pleased with the end result. My brain is already dancing around ideas for the Easter Egg cookies!