Sunday, July 7, 2013

Are They Doughnuts or Yeast Rings?

The Beginning of My Quest

 Bill came home from the post office with a box of glazed yeast rings. I really think he bought them because the box said yeast rings and he wanted to taste test them.* We both taste tested them and after a brief discussion, Team Bonham decided we had just eaten a glazed yeast ring doughnut. Seriously, we did have this conversation. That's just how we function, honest. Intrigued with these two terms, doughnut and yeast ring, I decided that some internet research was in order. Now you know my secret, I am a food geek. Yep, this post is all the proof you need. Hope you can handle the truth about me.

Top 5 on a Yahoo! search for "yeast ring doughnut"

  1.  Dunkin Doughnut's InsiDDe Scoop used the term, "split glazed yeast ring donut."
  2.  Wikipedia says,"There are two types of ring doughnuts, those made from a yeast-based dough for raised doughnuts or made from a special type of cake batter."
  3. Alton Brown has a recipe for yeast doughnuts at
  4. uses the term glazed yeast doughnut ring and
  5. Joe Pastry says,"If you’re making regular ring-shaped doughnuts, use a smaller cutter to punch out the holes. ... I do love a good yeast-raised doughnut, ..."

Top 5 on a Google search  for "yeast ring doughnut"     

  1. Wikipedia still says,"There are two types of ring doughnuts, those made from a yeast-based dough for raised doughnuts or made from a special type of cake batter."  
  2. Alton Brown still has a recipe for yeast doughnuts at
  3. sells a "Deluxe Classic Yeast-Raised Ring Donut Dough"
  4. Alton's yeast doughnut recipe is also at    
  5. and another blogger named James Purser shares my sense of humor because he wrote an article called, "Never take a photo of a Yeast Ring," in 2010. I knew that no one would believe this, so just left click on the link and you will see that there are two of us out here in the blogosphere.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.   

* Bill confimed that he did indeed buy the box just because it said yeast rings. Additionally, the yeast rings cost a dollar more than the glazed doughnuts. He wanted to see if they really were a doughnut by eating them.


  1. Lmbo.....I took the pic just to ask social media the difference

  2. I was amazed when this post received over 2,000 pageviews in two days last year.

  3. Sitting at Dunkin Donuts watching them unload the truck and saw a box labelled "JUST BAKED YEAST RINGS." Had to Google. Honestly, "donut" is a much more appetizing term than "yeast ring."

    1. I agree with you Maria!

    2. Sounds like something that could give one a yeast infection......don't want that.

  4. My 77 year old neighbor hated the glazed yeast rings I bought him, 12 for $5, claiming the 95 cent glazed doughnut at the doughnut shop was better. So I then bought the same 12 yeast rings and put them in the doughnut shop bag and he said "now that's a doughnut." Old people are stupid.


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